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Queer Jewish Live Art Theatre

Musical Storytelling – Klezmer  – Comedy – Politics


Since 2016 queer Jewish theatre company and cabaret Homos and Houmous (H&H) has been schlepping around with a smorgasbord of drag, comedy, live klezmer, poetry and politics.


It’s hosted by music hall grand dame Chanukah Lewinsky (think Julie Walters on speed) and drag punk pin-up That Ray (Peaches meets disney villain). Our vibe is Shabbat dinner argument meets Bette Midler doing musical stand-up in a New York bathhouse. 


We are a part of the emerging renaissance of Jewish leftist art making and Yiddish revivalism. Check out the rad projects of Vashti Media, Jewdas, Na'amod, and Yiddish Open Mic Cafe.


From 2021-2023 we were in residence at London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern. In 2024 we are part of the Royal Court Theatre's writers' group. 


Night Czar Amy Lame has said of us: ‘This is what makes London, London, and we must not lose it.’ (BBC Sounds). 


We read your emails with such pleasure

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